Comedian And Activist Dick Gregory

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We lost a comedic legend this past Saturday (August 19) and some big time celebrities are mourning. Dick Gregory was a pioneer in comedy who crossed over, despite unrelenting race commentary. If you wanted to get the gritty of what it was to be a Black man in America — and chuckle at the same time — Dick Gregory was your guy. Political to the core, Gregory gave his voice to causes such as the the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the feminist movement of the late 70s. The man even ran for President of the United States.

Since Gregory’s passing at age 84, everyone from politicians to music artists have mourned his death. You can check out some of the heartwarming tributes below.

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My barber shop on Edgewood in Atl #TheSWAGshop is ground zero for gentrification and these characters represent the old guard! They bother/beg/harass all those newbies to the block and often times I end up shoo shoo'n them away. This night I interviewed you they all watched thru the window and when we came out to take pics I thought they wanted to ask you for money and or bother you. They all said politely and Respectfully "Mike we just wanna meet him and please take our picture". I was overwhelmed. I mean I seen these nigga's (your voice lol) not give a damn that city councilmen and the mayor was in their face. It is their block and u will pay a tax BUT You naw, they just wanted to be in your presence. Ba Ba Gregory you are/were/will be a savior to us as a people. From the valleys to the mountains we honor and cherish you. Thank u for loving us enuff so when we forgot to love our selves and one another it reminded us. I love u as they love u above money and fame. I love u becuz you made us better. Many may see this pic and see us in the mist of Street folk well ,becuz of you I know I was their in the blessed and Devine presence of Human beings and for that I am humbled and honored. We will miss u in the physical but your energy remains always, elder ancestor & friend.

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RIP Dick Gregory.

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