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Bootleg footage from Lil Wayne’s upcoming “The Carter” documentary landed online  showing the rapper imagining himself as the president of the United States of America. Lil Wayne says he would make a lot of changes if he were president. ”I would put cocaine back in Coca-Cola, I would put that back,” Weezy said in a clip from the documentary. “[laughs] I think I’d get love for that. I’d take off all bad substances from sports, so there would be no more steroids [restrictions]. So you could use whatever steroid or hormone to grow you want, as long as you hitting homeruns, it’s fine with me.” “I would make prostitution legal in about five more states, gambling too. And you know I would legalize weed, first and second and I would put a law to it that there’s no more child support and there’s no more, what they call that stuff when you get married, the little pre-nup, you ain’t got to sign that because she don’t get nothing. Because marriage, that don’t mean nothing because she lay with you for a lot of years she gotta get something? I been laying with a lot of b*tches too these whole times. So, I’d change that…”

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