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Won his first Emmy for a film in 89’


Total Emmy’s won- 18





Filmography: Notable for Producing  


Monica’s Still Standing


Diddy’s Making The Band III


Real Housewives of Atlanta


Real World II


Tiny & Toya Show


Oprah Show


Zo says that “if you’re uneducated, that’s your choice! Don’t waste your time because when time is gone its gone”.


If you are an aspiring artist facts to know:


Have a business card handy at all times


Establish your brand: YOU


Write verses everyday, kniow your market


Have a demo ready, also create a radio friendly CD (clean music)


Final thought: If you want to make a serious impact

Be ready then deliver!!!  





Jade West “Always on a Musical Quest”

Producer of the Russ Parr Morning Show M-F 6-10am

Producer of Straight Talk Live with Nathan Ive Sunday’s 8-10am

On-Air Sunday’s 10-1pm

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