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The third and final presidential debate just wrapped up and it wasn’t a good look for Donald Trump. The Republican candidate desperately needed a win after seeing his campaign unravel before his eyes over the past few weeks, but walked off the debate stage with a big, fat L stamped on his forehead.

A lot of that had to do with the fact that Clinton did not come to play. The Democratic candidate was poised, calm and clear for the most part, but beat Trump at his own petty game with some zingers that had Twitter positively LIT.

The biggest win of the night was the moment Clinton pointed out that the moment she was in the Situation Room helping President Obama capture Osama Bin Laden, Trump was hosting an episode of Celebrity Apprentice:

She also called the hotel magnate out for his hypocrisy in wanting to close off international trade, while hoarding Chinese steel for his own buildings. “I’ve fought against that as a senator, I stood up against it as secretary of state, Donald has bought Chinese steel and aluminum,” she said, “The Trump Hotel here in las Vegas was made with Chinese steel.” And then a short while later:

And then there was the moment she called him a puppet. Like, straight to his face. Trump set her up for the kill when he pondered out loud why Russian president Vladimir Putin had it out for her so bad, and she replied with, “Well, that’s because he’d rather have a puppet as president.”

But the most talked-about moment of the night isn’t funny at all. Asked by moderator Christopher Wallace if Trump would ultimately accept the outcome of the election should he lose (well…), Trump said in as many words as possible that he would not:

As Hillary Clinton said, “that’s horrifying.”
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