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Draya has started her transition from reality star to movie star- she just snagged her first role in a new movie called Will To Love. We had a nice chat with the beautiful Mint Swim creator about her first acting role, her modeling career, her social media habits, and that infamous Breakfast Club interview that went viral.

Draya On Making Her Acting Debut On Will To Love:

“This is the first time I acted and I think it was a good role for a newbie. Before I actually got on set, I was really nervous, but once I got on set around Marques Houston and Chris Stokes, they make you feel so comfortable and they were so funny, so they made it feel more like fun than it was work.”

On Not Forgetting Her Lines:

“I was really dedicated to make sure I know this role, so I took time off from my business to take acting classes and train with my acting coach, really hard. I made sure I memorized my lines. I didn’t want to be the one to make them yell, ‘Cut,’ so I practiced really hard.”


On Growth:

“I think there is a small group of small-minded people who think, ‘She’s a girl from reality TV and that’s all.’ I’m learning that just because you do reality TV, doesn’t mean you need to be stuck there. You never know what opportunities are out there unless you go out there and try it. I’m mad I waited this long to try acting. I should have been tried acting. I just did a movie with Terrence J called The Perfect Match.”

On Watching her Mouth on Social Media:

“I would love if I had a little more self-control and didn’t say every single thing I was thinking, but sometimes on a random Tuesday, if I wake up the wrong way and I feel like something needs responding to, I’m going to respond. Sometimes it ends up on the blogs and sometimes it doesn’t. Usually it does. I usually have very classy clapbacks, though. I try to hit them with straight facts and make people feel stupid.”


On Being a Sex Symbol:

“I love being a sex symbol. I eat it up — it’s great. It keeps me motivated to keep myself together, since I know people are looking. There are girls out there like, Draya is body goals. There is no room for falling off anytime soon.”

On Not Being Afraid to Show her Imperfections:

“I think it’s important to let these girls know that everything you see on IG is not perfect. I’m capable of posting only really beautiful pics of myself on IG if I wanted to, but that shit is not the case. I don’t always have my hair and makeup done. I’m not on full glam seven days a week, I’m probably in full glam one day a week. I like to post on a regular day or what I look like wearing sneakers as opposed to heels, because it’s very realistic to me.”


On Privacy in the Public Eye:

“It’s hard trying to keep things a secret, at the end of the day I’m human and I’m a woman. We like to talk about stuff, we’re emotional, we like to let people know we are in the bad mood, a good mood, or sad, or we’re hurt. I just don’t think I should have to hide that because I’m a celebrity. It depends on how I feel, sometimes I feel like sharing and then sometimes I feel like why let them know I wasn’t happy today, now they are picking at me. But it’s a bittersweet thing. You’re going to be damned if you do or damned if you don’t.”

On her “Deleted” Comment on The Breakfast Club:

“It was weird because the clip is from 2012, but it didn’t blow up until 2014, so I was caught off guard by it (going viral), but I still truly feel like that and feel that’s a true statement. You don’t have to be who you were if you’re not that anymore. If you’re not on drugs anymore, you can’t really be called a junkie. If you’re cleaned up, you’re cleaned up. It’s about second chances and growing up. Once you get to a certain age, you realize what was the right thing to do, and what was the wrong thing to do. When you don’t want to do the wrong things anymore, you shouldn’t be punished for them.”


PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Paul Thompson/Rafael Alexander

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