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“Meek Mill shared some thoughts on social media and a conversation he had with Jay Z on Instagram yesterday.

Meek Mill has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind on social media — even when his target IS social media. The rapper posted a lengthy caption on Instagram yesterday, which seemed to be inspired by trolling commenters on his previous post, which eulogized Detroit rapper Dex Osama.

“Instagram need to have a option to turn these comments off and put a end to giving the suckas and chance to speak without being present! You can put up a picture of somebody that died and they gone still talk crazy….” he began, before recalling a conversation with Jay Z in which the rapper warned him of the overly negative mindset of internet culture.

“Jayz once told me this social media world was created for people that wouldn’t even speak if they wasn’t present ….” he wrote. “For people that was scared to approach a male/female and hold a conversation if they wanted to a number or ask to go on a date! He also said you can’t speak truth on here because this is the fake people world and they gone hate you for that.”

Do you agree with Meek and Jay’s thoughts? Check out the full caption below.”

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