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Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj


Well after Meek Mill Announced Nicki Minaj as his “MF’in Baby” mid performance last night (Feb 12th), I guess one would only assume they’re officially a couple…and after these last few bookings, they’re a couple out to get that MONEY too!

Reports TMZ:

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have the sexiest plans possible for Valentine’s Day — they’re hooking up to make some serious paper together … and this weekend is just the start. 

Sources close to Meek and Nicki — who are dating now — tell TMZ the couple is joining forces as the “Hottest Rap Couple” for appearances in NYC Saturday night, and again in Charlotte later this month. There’s also talk of putting together a world tour. 

We’re told the couple wanted to do it together so they could, y’know — make twice as much cheese touring as a package deal. Also, it’s easier to hook up this way.

Although they’re co-headlining … make no mistake, Nicki’s the bigger draw — and we’re told she’s getting paid almost double what Meek makes. 

Oh yeah and don’t forget to add in the extra COIN they saved on the double rooms

Let the trolling continue

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