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Ohhhh Yeeeezy…just when you thought “Kanye” gave up on us with the rants, he rushes the stage at last nights Grammy’s. Now initially some thought is was a joke (zooms in on Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s face in the crowd). But once Kanye did a post interview live on E, we found out how REAL it was.

“They need to stop playing with us. We ain’t finna play with them no more. “Flawless,” Beyonce video…and Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyonce,” Ye told E! correspondent Terrence J. “At this point we’re tired of it,” he added.

Now most of us would agree (zooms in on Princes face when he had to announce “Beck”), But Ye I don’t know who’s giving up their Grammy. Thanks for the moment though…Yeezy taught’em, and will continue to teach!


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