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It’s been said she’s too picky and extremely selective when it comes to being attracted to certain types of men, but today R&B singer Chilli (of VH1’s new reality series “What Chilli Wants”) has added another set of items to her already longer than the Nile River list of things she doesn’t want in a man…or any man for that matter.

Chilli recently appeared on Cherry Martinez’ show on Power 105, and said if she could ban anything it would be: “anal sex, kissing on the first date and skinny jeans on men.” What in the world has gotten into her?

We’ll give her the first one. That’s something that everybody just cannot handle (the receiving or the distributing end of the deal). Kissing on the first date? Hmm, maybe it is kind of early, but if the chemistry is there, why not? As for banning skinny jeans, Chilli are you for real? What does that have to do with the man’s character? Priorities, Chilli. Priorities!

We’re concerned for Chilli. All these characteristics, personality traits, wardrobe conditions and lifestyle behaviors she demands from potential relationship candidates is getting out of control. Honey, no wonder you’re single. Get it together. She claims women need to raise the bar for men to step up. Raising the bar is not the issue.

We’re not saying you must settle for less, but don’t put the microscope on eligible bachelors that are out there ready, willing and able to be the best man for the job when you’re not even matching all that you claim your man is supposed to offer. You get out of it whatever you put into it. You decide you want to demand a man behave a certain way or make a million dollars, then you’ll be the very woman who finds the man you can’t stand having around and he’s about a million dollars in debt.

Yeah, she’s beautiful, but these demands are making some of us believe there’s a major control issue burning right up underneath the surface. Be careful what you ask for Ms. Chilli.

HelloBeautiful.com has more on the complete story straight from Chilli’s picky little mouthpiece. If you’ve been tuning into her show, what have you thought so far about the selection process to finding Chilli a man? Post your comments below.

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