Winter weather is here and it’s arrived with a fury! As the cold weather sets in, your vehicle suffers too, but these simple steps can help keep your cars running. And that preparation starts where your vehicle touches the ground, with your tires.

Winter tires – when temperatures drop, changing to winter tires is smart:


  • Winter tires provide increased traction, braking and handling.
  • When you equip your car with winter tires, you’re prepared for changing road conditions.
  • Cold temperatures decrease the elasticity of the rubber compound in tires, contributing to a reduction in traction. Winter tires are designed to remain flexible in cold weather, which allows the tire to conform to the road surface and maintain grip on snow and ice.


Winter car care – prevention and maintenance is key to keeping your car moving in harsh weather:


  • Check your tire pressure – Although you want to do this monthly, it is especially important to check tire pressure in winter weather. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, your tires can lose about 1 pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure. It’s quick and easy to do. You can find the manufacturer’s specific tire pressure on the inside of the doorjamb.
  • Turn on your headlights – In inclement weather, visibility is oftentimes less than perfect. Turning on your lights allows you to see, and just as important, to be seen by others. Remember this general rule: Wipers On – Lights On.
  • Keep a roadside emergency kit and necessary supplies in your vehicle during the winter months. We suggest carrying:
    • Hand/feet warmers
    • A stocking cap and a blanket
    • LED flashers/flares
    • A spare phone charger
    • Kitty litter
    • Food/snacks


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