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Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels aka “Scaff Beezy,” recently engaged in a heated altercation that was reminiscent of a scene out of “Waiting to Exhale.” TMZ reports that the couple, who lasted for well over a decade, got into a heated argument over the summer that resulted in Nicki bashing all of the windows on the 2012 Mercedez Benz that Scaff used to drive, with a baseball bat.  Nicki even went a few steps further and furiously tossed a bunch of his clothes in the garbage.

Police arrived at her house due to all of the commotion, but didn’t arrest Nicki nor Safaree.  SB was then escorted off of Nicki’s property, and the former couple broke up not too long after this incident.  As it would turn out, the 2012 Benz that Scaff drove around actually belonged to Nicki; she just gave him permission to ride her purchased set of wheels.  Lucky for her, she didn’t do damage to his actual property, otherwise she would’ve been hauled off to jail.

Source: TMZ / VladTv / Pic BoomBox / Follow Me @therealpaigion On Twitter/IG

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