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Iconic comedian Bill Cosby has always been known to bring tears of joy to those who’ve witnessed his genius abilities. But after a recent stand-up performance by comedian Hannibal Burress, the ‘Uptown Saturday Night‘ star is now under fire for the painful tears he’s brought to women for several years. In the stand-up, Burress attacked Cosby’s character for the way he’s talked down to the younger generation of men. The comedian went on to paint a picture of a hypocritical Dr. Huxtable, citing the alleged 13 women having been raped by Cosby from the 1970’s to the mid-2000’s.


While many of the allegations have never lead to a conviction of Cosby, one woman came forward in 2006 with claims of being drugged and raped several times. The woman, Andrea Constand, was a 32-year-old former Temple University employee, claimed that the assault took place in his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004. Constand’s lawyers rallied 13 witnesses who also detailed eerily similar instances of drugging and/or sexual assault. But before any of the witnesses could testify, an undisclosed settlement was reached.

TODAYNow, in light of Hannibal Burress’ recent comments, another alleged victim has come forth with her experiences with the comedic legend. In a very detailed interview with DailyMail Online, actress Barbara Bowman chronicles stories that began when she was just 17 years of age. The aspiring teenage actress had been invited by her agents to meet Cosby at The Turn of the Century Comedy Club in Denver, Colorado. Bowman was instructed to ‘wet her hair and act drunk and wasted’ as part of an improvisation exercise. During the improv, she stated that he “stroked her neck and upper chest” which just seemed a little weird, but it’s believed to be where everything started.

The two began to get close, as Cosby became a “mentor” to Bowman, flying her all over the country to see him perform. He also flew out a few of Barbara’s family members, which she believes was ‘part of his plan’ in gaining her mother’s trust. And with no father figure in place, she believes the comedian used that to aid in his manipulation. ‘He told me over and over again, “Trust me like I was your father,” she stated in the interview. ”By the time I was drugged and raped by him in New York, he’d already broken me down, brainwashed me and made me feel like there was something wrong with me if I resisted his sexual advances.”

2014 American Comedy Awards - Press RoomThe interview continued with Bowman recalling several encounters with Cosby, including an incident at a hotel in Atlantic City:

He freaked out that I disclosed to the concierge the fact that a 19-year-old girl was calling from his penthouse. He couldn’t handle it. He throws me down on his bed and jumps on top of me. He used his forearm to pin me down by the neck.

He was trying to unbuckle his belt and take down his pants. I’ll never forget the sound of the clinking of his belt buckle. He couldn’t get his belt off. I’m screaming for help and trying to wrestle out of his grip while he’s trying to get his belt off and he’s trying to pull my pants down at the same time. I couldn’t get out from under him.

I didn’t stop screaming. He realizes I’m not stopping. He finally gets to a point of frustration and decides it’s too much trouble and he doesn’t want to risk it. He gets off me and calls me a “baby.” That’s when he throws me out.

President Obama Speaks At The National Action Network Awards GalaBarbara claimed to have never taken “hush money” and is in hopes that her story will inspire the others to come forward. “I’m finally revealing all of my full story in hopes that others will learn to read the tell-tale signs of abuse and not wait as long as I did. No one believed me for years. They said Bill would never do that. That it was preposterous. But I’m putting my name out there and standing behind these words, just like Burress. No more code of silence.”

We’ll have to see what comes of this very disturbing story. For the interview in its entirety, head over to DailyMail Online.

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