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Thug Kitchen


There’s a new vegan cookbook by a White couple that has people wondering exactly what they’re up to. Until recently, no one knew the identity of the duo behind the profanity laced food blog, Thug Kitchen.

Keeping their faces a secret doesn’t mean that they knew they were doing something wrong, trolling for controversy (the blog has been around for a couple years) — or using trying to capitalize off of racial stereotypes with the unnecessary slang and cursing. Only, it probably does.

However, the couple says their new cookbook Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A F*ck is a lighthearted effort at satire guys. Not racist.

From the Thug Kitchen blog:

As soon as Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway went public as the cooks inThug Kitchen earlier this month, the internet backlash was fast and harsh.The Root site called it “A Recipe in Blackface” and Jezebel reminded readers of professional football player Richard Sherman’s recent assertion that “‘thug’ is a new way to call somebody the n-word.” For many, the use of “thug” seems misguided, if not problematic.

In one of their first interviews, Davis and Holloway spoke with Charles Monroe-Kane about cooking, elitism, and the power of language. Drawing on the cultural association of “thug” with gang violence, Monroe-Kane asked them, “What makes you a thug?” Davis and Holloway say “thug” is not a demographic category, but a frame of mind.

Davis says, “We think of it as attitude. We understand that ‘thug’ is a loaded word and has gotten more loaded in the past year and a half. The site is about being a bad-ass in the kitchen. We joke that we are verbally abusing people into eating some more goddamn vegetables. That is the point.”

Holloway says, for him, being a thug means “just not taking ourselves too f___ seriously. I don’t see the word ‘thug’ being synonymous with any particular person. It’s a personality. It’s an aggression.”

Of course, there’s question as to why the couple would keep their identity a secret all this time?

So, let’s talk about some of their recipes. They’re broken into sections like, “Track List,” “Short Order Shit,” “Big-Ass Cup of Cozy,” and more weird stuff. The recipes fall between normal names such as Summer Squash Soup to the randomness that is Wake the Fuck Up Minestrone and Thug Kitchen Vinaigrette.

Thug Kitchen idea wouldn’t go over well if a black couple tried to do the same thing, as some would assume. Contrary to popular belief Black people don’t actually approve of any and everything foolish.

Source: HipHopWired.com


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