Twitter is about to get a major makeover for millions of people, thanks to their major redesign announcement. Some are already seeing the new updates hitting their accounts.

Dead Accounts


In the last year or so, Twitter has seen a steep slide in its users and hoping to bring them back.When Business Insider checked this data last November, there were 883 million total Twitter accounts, of which 651 million were inactive. For Twitter thats not good for business and in result the media network saw a slide in its stock. In three months, the number of unused accounts have gone up  by 46 million. By math figured by Business Insider for every 5 new Twitter signups, four of those sign ups don’t use Twitter on a monthly basis on average. 

Users Aren’t Tweeting


Users on Twitter follow people of interest, celebs or friends they wanna hear from, but these people just reads tweets without tweeting themselves. While they haven’t Tweeted they are still counted as active users, because Twitter sees these users as MAU as someone who merely logged in during the month. So if users aren’t tweeting and are inactive or just never tweet at all they are counted as active or as Twitter puts it they are counted as users that are listening to other Tweet. READ MORE 

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