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“True story: Man lays down with a woman; he uses a condom. Later on, another woman that he’d never met before comes up to him about a year later and says,  ”this is your child and I want child support.  He had never met this woman. He didn’t know who she was and he’d never seen her a day in his life.  They gave him a DNA test and the child was a match; it was his baby.

What happened was, the woman who slept with the man kept the condom that he threw in the garbage. She got the condom out of the garbage and then she sold the s*men and the condom to another woman after she had apparently kept it in some sort of a sterile package.

So, she sold it to a friends  of hers and the friend then injected the s*men inside of her and she got pregnant. She then takes that baby and sends the baby down to her grandparents to have them raise the child.  They get paid on a monthly basis [for raising the child] and she gets paid on a monthly basis from child support and she splits those hefty payments between her and the grandparents.

True story. And it happens…..and it’s real.”

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