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Erykah Badu now faces misdemeanor criminal charges following a complaint over her controversial music video for “Window Seat“.

Dallas police officers charged her with disorderly conduct on Friday for walking around Dealey Plaza naked. According to Rolling Stone, no one who witnessed it called police during the shoot, but police asked those who saw her naked to file a complaint.

A press release was issued on Friday:

“The City Attorney’s Office and the Dallas Police Department have decided to charge the entertainer known as Erika [sic] Badu with Disorderly Conduct. After much discussion, it has been determined that this charge best fits her conduct when she disrobed in a public place without disregard to other individuals and children who were in close proximity. Disorderly Conduct is a class C misdemeanor which means Ms. Badu will be subject to a fine up to $500.00. The At-Large-Citation will be mailed to Ms. Badu in the near future. It will be up to her as to how she wants to proceed further with this case. She can contest it in a court of law or simply pay the fine.

The delay in issuing the citation was due to the lack of witnesses, who were at the scene, who were willing to come forward and file a formal complaint with the police department. One witness did come forward yesterday, thus leading to the charges filed today.”

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