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It ain’t been beef like this between the North and The South since the Civil War!!! Tension escalates between New Yorks Maino and The Souths Trinidad James. In an interview with Streetz 94.5 in his hometown, the Southern rapper attempted to clarify his comments, saying he was referring to New York radio, rather than actually emcees from the region. “One of my best shows in the beginning of my career was in New York. So, I would never be dissing New York ever. Because New York is what New York is. But what I was saying is from a New York standpoint, it shouldn’t take a cat like myself to have to let y’all know that y’all don’t support your own people. I go off the radio,” he said.When asked about Maino’s reaction to his comments, James refused to back down… and even said he’d be back in New York City soon. “If it’s a problem then he’s going to kill me, right?” he said. “If it’s a problem he’s going to kill me, that’s it. Ain’t nothing I got to talk about. Kill me then.”

The Def Jam rapper said he would be back in New York City in two weeks.

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