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It seems like the world has lost it’s damn mind at times!!! Whenever you can make celebrity status for being  cracked out mayor…there’s a problem. But hey…we’ll probly watch it a few times just to see wth is going on. lol. (Via:Blackmediascoop) The mayor, increasingly isolated after a long stream of scandals, will begin hosting a show called “Ford Nation” on Canada’s Sun News Network next week. Critics call the network “Fox News North.” The network, comparing Ford to Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern, says the show will pick up where Ford and his brother Doug’s radio show left off. “You just never know what he is going to say,” the network says.But while the man now famous worldwide as Canada’s crack-smoking mayor may have a media career in front of him, his days of running Toronto may soon be over. City councilors, some of whom have begun turning their backs whenever Ford speaks, are finalizing a motion to strip him of his budget and nearly all his powers, leaving him “mayor in name only.” Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, meanwhile, says Ford’s behavior is “truly disturbing” and she’s willing to give the city council “new tools” they could use to get rid of him, as long as the measures have cross-party support, reports the Toronto Star.

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