Workshops are a major part of each Women’s Empowerment Expo we have. They are to educate and uplift our attendees. We are still working on more workshops, but below are some we are in the midst of finalizing:

  • How To Change Careers and Land on Your Feet
  • Knowing Your Best
  • Making Sense of Your Dollars
  • Legal Rights for Today’s Woman
  • How To Get Started with City Contracts
  • Knowing Your Purpose
  • Making Sense of your Dollars
  • DIY/Chore Chart
  • Homebuyers Seminar
  • Transition to Old Age
  • Identity Theft: What you Don’t Know CanHurt You
  • Branding You
  • Design on A Dime/Fall Painting and Landscaping
  • Home Buying
  • You Won’t Find It in Him
  • and more!

Keep checking back as we add more information about the upcoming 2013 P&G Women’s Empowerment Expo, on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Duke Energy Center!