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Lady Gaga arrived in Sydney Australia earlier today rocking Diet Coke cans for rollers.  I just wanna know how she made it through security? I can barely get through the metal detectors when I’m wearing earrings O_O

Meanwhile, Fox News aired a new report titled “Has Lady Gaga Gone Too Far”.  The report argues that Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s new “telephone” video is selling twisted sexual fantasies to young children.

“You think you’ve seen it all and then ‘wait it’s more’. This time we have to speculate if she has a male member or not. Whether it’s been cut off or not. They do a mass murder at the end and then you have Beyonce and Gaga as gay and lesbian lovers. It’s disgusting, I don’t like it and I would not under any circumstance allow my children to buy Lady Gaga’s cds or listen to them. It’s just poison for the minds of our kids and for our minds.” -Sandy Rios

I think she’s just about getting the reaction she was looking for. Which reminds me, I read somewhere that she said she was broke and all the money she makes goes to her stage costumes. Interesting..

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