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GBE rapper Lil Reese appeared in court on Sunday on charges that he’d stolen a 2006 BMW in April by using “false documentation.” The car, according to police, belonged to a 44-year-old man who “never gave consent or permission to register the vehicle in his name.”

Police arrested Reese in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Saturday. Bail was set Sunday at $5,000.

Musically, Reese is best known for 2012’s “Us,” which received a remix from Drake and Rick Ross, “Traffic,” which featured fellow GBE member Chief Keef. Recently, however, he’s been more known for legal problems and the presence of a disturbing video that surfaced last year, which appeared to show the rapper beating a young woman. The rapper has been arrested and charged in that case, as well.


Lil Reece Beats Woman, Is Unapologetic! [Warning Violence Displayed In Video]


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