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He’s back! After an abysmal attempt at a comeback with 2006′s “Superman Returns”  director Zack Snyder (“300″) has finally given us the Superman we’ve been waiting for. In “Man of Steel” we get an edgier, more complex Supes played by British actor Henry Cavill.   Screenwriter David Goyer flips the origin story of Superman on its head, fleshing out the Kryptonian culture and an interesting plot twist explains why Kal-El becomes the lone star child sent to Earth.  An all-star cast including Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), Diane Lane (Martha Kent)  and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) bring our favorite Smallville/Metropolis characters back to life in what is shaping up to be this summer’s must-see movie.

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