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Trinidad-James3After A-Trak mentioned him in a Huffington Post piece about drug culture in rap music, Trinidad James offered his own perspective on drugs, hip-hop and influence. Speaking to XXL, the rapper who became known for his “popped a molly, I’m sweatin’!” catchphrase said that drug abuse is the result of a weak mind.

“I’m my own man, and I have my own reasons for why I do anything,” James said. “But I respect where [A-Trak is] coming from, because when someone like him starts that conversation, it’s going to influence somebody. I have a strong mind, but people are going to read his thoughts, and hopefully his message reaches a kid or an adult who doesn’t have a strong mind so they won’t even waste their time with drugs because if they do they’ll end up being an addict and dying. I feel like people who die from drugs are just weak-minded.”

“If you have three people talking about the subject, you have one person who’s never done drugs, period; you have one person who does drugs currently; and you have one person who’s done drugs but doesn’t do it anymore,” he says. “Every one of those people’s opinions isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just their outlook on it. To say that they’re wrong? Not necessarily. Because at the end of the day, doing drugs is not right. It’s not right. Doing drugs is not right.”

“I watch the energy that I put out in the world,” he says. “I try to put a positive energy out in the world, but my music is still real and it has its ratchet moments. But at the end of the day, it’s about how you take it. You can’t blame Trinidad for nothing. Nothing.”

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