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Man oh man with the technology today there are no bounderies!! Everything is digital and easily accessable online. Check out what happen to this student..

A high school senior in Georgia was suspended from school after posting his principal’s mugshot on Instagram. After learning about the incident, Principal Jamille Miller-Brown called KeAndre Varner to her office and slapped the student with a four day suspension. “There was a violation of policy,” Miller-Brown told the New York Daily News, saying that she felt uncomfortable discussing the matter any further.

Jamille Brown-Miller’s mugshot was allegedly taken after she failed to show up to court for a speeding ticket. KeAndre Varner suggested on Instagram that it might have been for a DUI. But Varner’s mother, Nakesha Thomas, believes her child was suspended for passing around false information about his principal on the popular photo sharing site.

When another user on Instagram asked why Miller-Brown was arrested, Varner guessed wrongly that it was for a DUI. Miller-Brown wasn’t too happy about that — she says the mug was taken after she failed to show up to court for a speeding ticket. The student was originally given a four-day suspension. Miller-Brown later reduced that to two days.



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