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It’s always nice to hear about celebs digging into their millions to give back. In this case it’s Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am, who is paying for the entire college education – including tuition, room, board and books – of four Wilmington University freshmen.


The 34-year-old singer didn’t have an affluent upbringing and didn’t attend college himself, but after earning himself a tidy sum DJ’ing a party a couple of years ago it dawned on him, “I did the math and I could send three kids to school [with that money.” So he set up the Will.i.am scholarship.


Sharing his philanthropic philosophy, he says, “It’s one thing to make it – and you’ve got your own apartment, or house, or car – and you keep it for you. That’s not making it. Making it is spreading it.”


Not only will the students have their education costs covered, but Will.i.am has added an extra incentive as well, intended to inspire both academic achievement and travel: “Let’s do a little contest where your grades are up and you come with us anywhere on the planet. You just pick a country and we go there. We’ll do it for four years.”



Courtesy of Babycenter.com

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