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Why Cheat? I can never understand. Is it boredom, thrill of the unknown or something deeper? And are any excuses even legitimate? When asked why they’re unfaithful, men and women usually have different excuses, er, reasons, check out these Top 10!

Reason #1: She ain’t what she used to be.

Reason #2: Familiarity has bred indifference-failure to communicate

Reason #3: No one loves a ball buster-meaning nagging wife

Reason #4: You’re leading parallel lives-used to be on the same path but interests have changed

Reason #5: Blame it on wanderlust-maybe married too young or haven’t experienced everything yet..

Reason #6: The passion has fizzled-Bored and needs excitement! 

Reason #7: It’s biology-men are supposed to be with a lot of females

Reason #8: Your ego needs a boost-your relationship could be the bomb but for some reason you tend to look elsewhere for excitement

Reason #9: It’s just sex-for most guys, sex and love is different!

Reason #10: It’s payback time.

WOW! for more information log on to: http://www.lifescript.com/life/relationships/wreckage/why_do_we_cheat_top_10_excuses.aspx


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