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Its 2013, no one wants to date a LOSER! But what if you are and can’t leave him??? You know he is not Mr.Right not even Mr.Right now! So why can’t you ditch the guy? Afraid to be alone or think he’ll change?

6 most common reasons women stay in Bad Relationships!

1. My family made me do it-“It doesn’t make her happy, but it’s comfortable because it’s familiar,”

2. I won’t find anyone Better– “If we don’t believe we deserve to have a good relationship, we settle for less than what we could have or truly want”

3. I don’t want to be Alone-“The underlying message is that you’re not able to take care of yourself.”

4. He’ll Change-“What you see is what you’re going to get,”  “If there is change, consider that to be a gift from heaven. But don’t count on it.”

5. He needs me– But what you call “love,” therapists label as “co-dependency,” “enabling” or “emotional extortion.”

6. The sex is phenomenal- “Just because it was the best sex you ever had doesn’t mean that this is the best partner for you,”

So…should you stay or go…

1. Do soul searching

2. Make a list

3. Get online

4. Take a break

5. Hold off hooking up

6. Do a reality check!

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