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First off how the hell can you afford a Lambo but not your license ??? If he had his son with him they’d be walking. Just hire a driver or handle that…. here’s the story.

Tyga’s Friday night was worse than yours — the rapper was stripped of his white Lamborghini after it was IMPOUNDED by cops … and TMZ got it all on tape. Law enforcement sources tell us… Tyga was pulled over around 11:00 PM for an unknown traffic violation in Hollywood. But when cops asked him for license and registration, Tyga had NEITHER … no current registration AND the rapper was unlicensed to drive. We’re told Tyga was not arrested for the violations — but the police issued him a citation and had his primo ride impounded ASAP. He was also given a field sobriety test, as seen in the footage, but was not busted for DUI. (TMZ)

Check out the video here

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