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We’re not sure what the price of a short stay is in Zimbabwe, but this next story should serve as a PSA for “Get A Room.”  According to the Mirror, a couple in Zimbabwe was “doin it in the park” when a lion took exception to their public display of effection.

Sharai Mawera was having an intimate moment in a secluded spot near some bushes in the town of Kariba with her unnamed boyfriend when a lion pounced on the couple from behind.

“Unfortunately the woman was mauled to death by the lion,” a source told the local newspaper. “But her boyfriend managed to escape naked.”

The boyfriend managed to flag down help from local police and armed rangers from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, but not in time to save his girlfriend.

A friend of the man, believed to be a local fisherman, said the couple would meet in that spot to shake the bushes with some regularity.  However, locals are more concerned that the lion may have killed another man returning from a night club in the area days before.

Where was this little old lady when you need her???

Lions killing folks having sex and walking home from the club. Don’t ever complain about the nightlife in your city ever again!


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WTF: Couple Mauled By Lion While Having Sex In Bush, Woman Killed  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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