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According to Keys, Swizzy has taught her to relish life and freedom rather than wasting time trying to always plan things out.

“He’s just like, such an incredibly, crazy, spontaneously, full of life, like, person,” Keys said when describing Beatz. “He’s just bubbling over with life. I’ve never met a person like him, ever. Few of us are able to be that free, to just follow our life, just follow it and know it’s going to lead you where you’re meant to go. So he’d definitely taught me a lot about freedom — and being open to life and how it’s going to happen.” (OWN)

A few years ago, Beatz recalled how he fell in love with the R&B star.

“It’s just a feeling,” Swizz said about falling in love with Keys. “Love is a word that’s powerful but the feeling is even stronger…To identify that feeling is something that’s amazing because it doesn’t only come from your partner. It comes from your love for music, your love for people, your love for a lot of things, and I think that once you identify the feeling of love, you’ll be a better person. I’m a better man. I think that having love in your life, it just has that effect. Because then you spread love. You can’t enjoy love without spreading love. I just think that it all falls in the pocket.” (MTV)

Last month, Alicia talked about raising their two-year-old sonEgypt.

“He’s two. He’s so adorable. I can’t even tell you how huge of a basketball fan he is. I can’t believe it,” Keys said about her son. “He knows the whole starting line-up, he can say their numbers, he can say their names and at night, he has a special song for Melo that he sings, and JR Smith. He’s very cute. …. The kids will hang out and I think Egypt kissed Blue [Ivy], and I don’t think Jay liked it very much. He called my husband like, ‘Umm, watch your son.’ [laughs]” (“The Wendy Williams Show”)

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