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Now a days the internet can change one persons embarrassing moment into a viral success and even additional fame!!! Here our my top epic internet fails that changed ordinary people into stars….and I use that terminology very loosely!!! lol.  This list actually could have been longer then I thought to my self…I would be spending more time with this post then their popularity. lol. But feel free to comment and let me know what other epic internet fails were turnd into a short career…

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Coming in at #3



Most recently “Sweet Brown”. You may remember her from the viral video of the fire that broke out at her residence and when interview she blessed us with the classic line…”Aint nobody got time for that!!” lol. You’ll be suprise to know that know her popularity has risen to the point that now you can actually book her for events as a host and key note speaker…..really??? I’m cool on that but hey Beyonce loves her soooo I guess it’s whatever. She recently shot a commercial for a Tulsa-based dental clinic, which is the first in a media push that will include a stint as a co-host on Cheaters and a role in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. I know if she didn’t have time before she making time now to count the checks!!!

sweet brown



Comin in at #2

antoine d



Everybody knows that when you’re in Lincoln Park you need to “Hide yo kids and hide yo wife!!!” After an intruder in his home he was interviewed by the local tv network….then all hell broke loose! Somebody decided to take his interview and turn it into a music video! Oh SNAP!!! now this video goes viral and he’s an instant internet star. Antoine decides to take advantage of all the attention and CASH OUT!!! antoine 1Now he’s a singer and actor who has performed on The Lopez show (which is now cancelled. lol) performed on the 2010 BET Awards with Michael Gregory and appeared on Tosh.O for a Web Redemption. On January 21, 2011, MSN announced that Dodson was filming a pilot episode for a reality show, featuring Dodson and his family as they move from Huntsville to Los Angeles, California. Luckily the world didn’t end and we came to our senses. lol. Haven’t heard much from him, thank God, after selling the intruder song on I-Tunes and making enough money to move his family into a better home.

And #1

Who can’t forgot the epic American Idol fail of William Hung??? No really…cause I’m still trynna get that ish out my head. Share your secret with me. Lol. American Idol is a lot like spandex. By showcasing marginally talented singers alongside total train wrecks, it makes the average ass look great and the horrible ass look even more horrible than it already is. William Hung falls into the “horrible ass” category of American Idol contestants.

In case you didn’t watch the video, just imagine every Asian stereotype you’ve ever heard of all gathered in one place to sing a Ricky Martin song. That’s William Hung. He was, naturally, booted off the show and most people assumed that was the last they would hear of him. They were wrong.

He’s harder to escape from than Alcatraz.

People Actually Paid For This Crap?

Something about William Hung’s positive attitude and off-key warbling struck a chord with people. Within days, a William Hung fan site popped up and recorded four-million hits the first week it went live. Hung was booked to appear on several talk shows and bootleg William Hung t-shirts were all over the Internet. Soon after, he signed a freaking recording contractand dropped out of Berkeley to pursue a full-time music career while thousands of legitimately talented, unsigned musicians quietly drank themselves to death.

His first album, made up of mainly covers, sold over 195,000 copies and debuted at number one on the Billboard Independent Album Chart. So far, Hung has released three albums, and if the album covers are any indication, he takes this shit very serious.

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