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Beyonce‘s “GQ” cover photo for the February 2013 issue has leaked online via Instagram and the R&B queen looks extremely sexy with just a revealing cutoff shirt and underwear.

The Beyonce GQ cover photo was leaked online by an unnamed “sneaky fan” who broke the news via Instagram, according to lovebscott.com.:

“Color us surprised. A sneaky fan caught a glimpse of Beyoncé’s upcoming February 2013 GQ cover. While we’re awaiting official confirmation and more details about the issue, get into Bey’s sexiness above!”

The original Instagram photo or the 2013 Beyonce GQ cover photo is now nowhere to be found, but thankfully they’ve already been set loose online. The sexy, sultry picture shows Queen Bee posing in nothing but red leopard print underwear, a shirt that reveals the lower edge of her breasts and some flashy golden chains.

On Twitter, Bey’s fans were quick to respond to the sexy Beyonce GQ cover photo:

“Beyonce’s cover of GQ though,” tweeted famous model and Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran ‏@karrueche.

“Beyonce …… Girl………. Why you so fine on this GQ cover tho?! Lawd hammercy,” tweeted Kristen Nichole ‏@KNicholeMusic.

“Beyoncé is People’s reigning World’s Most Beautiful Woman AND GQ’s Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century,” tweeted Baddie Bey Mafia ‏@Bey_Mafia.

“Ok fair trade. if Beyoncé is tryna be Rihanna on GQ, why don’t Rihanna try and be Beyoncé in real life and learn how to sing and perform?” asked Troy Story ‏@mrLdavis.

“Beyonce GQ cover yes thats what Im talking about!” tweeted natalie nunn ‏@missnatalienunn.

“Beyonce is a 31 year old mother on the cover of GQ giving the 20 year olds a run for their money. There is no competition. Sorry,” tweeted Tevin Byrd ‏@The__Prototype.

“I think I’m a lesbian after seeing Beyonce’s GQ cover,” tweeted Skye Townsend ‏@SkyeTownsend, later adding, “Somebody throw me in a pool. I need water. I’m still trippin off Beyoncé’s GQ cover.”

“Beyoncé’s GQ cover SLAYS,” tweeted ✖Danny✖ ‏@monstredanny.

“man….Beyonce new GQ cover is putting Rihanna’s naked one to SHAME,” tweeted DanteIsDope ‏@dantemarquis.

“Didn’t know Beyonce was on the cover of GQ and Oh my goodness she put rihanna to shame,” conferred Bree ‏@DESPICABLE_BREE.

“Just saw the next issue of GQ. Beyonce on the cover looking like the QUEEN that she is,” tweeted Tara Rene ‏@ToldbyTara.

“Sssssoooo Beyonce is on the cover of the Feb issue of GQ! u def wanna take a look at this,” tweeted Nozi Ursula ‏@JustNozi.

“Rihanna Had To Take Her Shirt Off In Her GQ Cover lol… Beyonce On The Other Hand Hmm.. But I’m Sleep Tho.. I Rest My Case lol,” tweeted Maximus MeridiusTM ‏@TB_Iam9.

This is the first we, or anyone else, heard that Beyonce’s photo would be gracing the cover of GQ’s upcoming February 2013 issue. The singer and mother will also be performing the Super Bowl half-time show on February 3, 2013. And that’s not all, Queen Bee’s also got an HBO documentary coming out on February 16, 2013.

Beyonce has been vacationing with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy in the Bahamas, andLove B. Scott claims that the singer is also filming a new music video during her time in the Carribean. Word on the street is that the new video will feature a still-unreleased single called “Ratchet.” We’re also hearing rumors that the track will feature Lady Gaga and Azelia Banks.

Beyonce has already shared a photo of herself wearing flashy earrings that featured the word “Ratchet,” and Lady Gaga has shared photos of herself wearing the same earrings back in November.

Meanwhile, Azelia Banks told Billboard that she had worked with Lady Gaga on two songs, “Ratchet” and “Red Flame.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “Ratchet,” here’s a definition via ofUrban Dictionary:

“Derived from the word ‘wretch’ (poor, despicable, inferior, pityful).

 (ratch, noun). The girl who thinks she’s hot she’s actually ugly and unflattering, probably being sloppy and obnoxious, and has a big attitude.

 (rachet, adjective). Not on-point (clothes, hair, etc.)

 You have fun singling out these girls and violating or shit talking about them, especially if you don’t like her in particular.”

What do you think of the February 2013 Beyonce GQ cover photo? Has Queen Bee ever looked sexier? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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