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Chris Brown - Attachment

On the first day of Chris Brown, the singer gave to me…

Chris Brown has had a year filled with tons of highs and lows, but each moment he (or someone connected to him) brought entertainment and awe. Here are our top 12 moments for Chris Brown’s 2012.

12. Face Neck Tattoo


This was one of those times when you really wonder, what was he thinking? You just want to sit him down with your grandma or something, so she can tell him about the tough times so he can get some act right. Chris tattooed a battered woman on his neck. I’m talking black swollen eyes, stitched up lips, and bruised cheekbones. Supposedly, it’s supposed to be a random woman, but who believes that?

11. The Chris Brown Blocker App

Brownout” puts a box over Chris’ face as well as hides his name when it shows up in headlines. I’m not sure if things EVER get this serious, but if you need an app to block Chris Brown from appearing in your browser, you need to re-evaluate your smartphone.

10. Rapping On Brandy’s “Put It Down”

We see you! Not only did the song put our beloved Brandy back on the map, and it was a great song as well.

9. Protests Of Chris Brown

Chris had to cancel is Dec. 26 Guyana concert due to protests over the Rihanna beating from 2009. He is pretty much not welcome into the country. He felt a little uncomfortable and canceled his show. Will people ever forgive him?

8. Snatching Girls Cell Phone

Soooo this is how Chris gets his souvenirs when he travels? Back in February, after a night out at a South Beach club, a fan was trying to snap a picture of the star outside of his car when reached through the window, grabbed her iPhone, and said, “B**** you ain’t going to put that on no website,” according to the fan. Whaaa? What if she only wanted to Instagram it. Damn!

7. “Birthday Cake (Remix)” With Rihanna

This was the remix we were all waiting for (just kidding!). Their subtweets to each other on Twitter earlier this year, and people wanted to know if they were talking again. What was the deal? Nothing was more official than the remix to “Birthday Cake.” He let us know that “it’s been a long time, and I’m missing your body” and he couldn’t wait to “blow” Ri’s “candles out.” Ok, we get it now.

6. Disses Rihanna On “Theraflu” Freestyle

Oh, it was all good just a song ago! Sir, weren’t you just grabbing a slice of Miss Thang’s cake? Chris proclaims in the song that “every industry n***a had her.” Ouch! We’re not here for this…

5. Fortune Album Vandalized In London


Okay, sometimes people go too far. We understand Chris Brown should have not hit Rihanna, but you put stickers on someone’s product so others can’t buy is a bit much. Think about it… this means that someone went through the trouble to think of the idea, get the stickers made, pay for the stickers (unless they have a loser sticker machine in their house). And Fortune was still a number on album in the UK. Guess it didn’t work out?

4. Raz B Outs Chris As Being Gay


Good ol’ Raz B… He’s the same dude who unfortunately reported of molestation from former B2K manager, Chris Stokes, a couple years ago and now he wants to take everybody out the closet, including Chris. But with video after video on WorldStar, it’s kind of hard to believe anything RazBerry says.

3. He Won His First Grammy

It’s a definite milestone for anyone in their career to win a prestigious award, but what happens when it’s overshadowed by people’s cries and complaints? There were tons of people who were upset at the Grammys because of Chris Browns nominations, win, and performance in February. Some of his fans didn’t care, even to go as far to say that they would gladly welcome a punch in the face from Breezy. Chris fought back on his favorite platform (Twitter) and tweeted, “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**K OFF!”

2. Twitter Beef with Comedienne and Deletes Twitter

We don’t have time to count how many times Chris has deleted his Twitter account because we have better things to do like snap into a Slim Jim. This is the most recent of stories (way to end the year right), where Chris was actually on Twitter minding his biz, and he said, “I look old as f**k. I’m only 23!” Comedienne Jenny Johnson responded, “I know! Being a worthless piece of s**t can really age a person.” Ummm, ma’am, where’s your manners, and where did this come from? After that, it went down, and Chris didn’t hold back. (Check out what he said here.) His Twitter account was deleted soon after (never fear, he’s back). Turns out this comedienne has been harassing Chris for the past two years, and he finally just snapped. Can’t say I blame him.

1. Gets Busted in the Chin with a Bottle by… Drake!

chris brown face after fight

Drake must have had a bulletproof vest under those Cosby sweaters he was sporting when he stepped out of Marvin’s Room, because that Canadian got brave! Fighting over a woman — who else but Rihanna — who has clearly friend-zoned him has got to be tough, so one night at Wip nightclub in NYC, where he and Chris were both at. Chris may have gotten a cut on his chin, but it looks like in the end he won. And Drake is probably back in Marvin’s Room crying.

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