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Nicki Minaj has been a target for years now, and if you’ve been keeping up with her this year, it’s pretty clear that she’s tired of it. Speaking with the Australian “Kyle and Jackie O” show, Nicki discussed her most recent elder she had a difference with: Mariah Carey.

On that situation, Nicki explained:

“I was really offended by the Mariah Carey situation – knowing that she didn’t want me to be on the show. She didn’t specify me, she just didn’t want a nother woman on the show. Then when I got there, you could kind of feel it in the air and I was like ‘oh my goodness, I love this woman! What’s going on?’

It’s weird, because even when they do these things, I still love them, like I still go back to myself being a teenager or being a young kid admiring these people and I never hate them, I’m always like, I wish this didn’t have to be this way…”

She also took aim in general at the notion that so many can take stabs at her, though when she pops back, she’s made out to be the bad person.

Check the interview in full below:


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