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Its that time of the year!!! December 1st! Here comes the holiday parties with hearty food and alcohol beverages! Here are 16 ways to Ward OFF Holiday Weight Gain!

1. Slim down Recipes

2. Make a Shopping list and stick to it!

3.  Be discriminating

4. Stress less

5. Get your zzz’s

6. Avoid temptation

7. Don’t arrive at parties hungry

8.  Chew sugar-free gum while you bake

9. Sip sensibly

10. Sit next to your most gregarious relatives

11. Wear a pedometer

12. Weigh yourself daily

13. Expose yourself to light

14. Bring nutritious fare to potlucks

15. Wear form-fitting clothing

16. Savor the season

Eating, drinking and partying aren’t the only ways to have holiday fun. Organize family activities and create new traditions, such as snowshoeing or a walking tour of your neighborhood’s holiday-lights displays.

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