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Ok this winter lets get summer READY! Here are SEVEN of my sizzling hot tips to help you raise your metabolism through the roof, so you’ll be lean and sexy and looking great naked before strutting your stuff on the beach:

1. Supplement your diet with krill oil, whey protein, and a greens booster-Magic Combination to stroke your metabolic fire!

2. Train with resistance-Lean muscle is what gives your body that sexy shape

3. Use intervals- Intervals are simply periods of higher intensity activity alternated with lower intensity periods

4. Eat breakfast every day-Having a nutritious breakfast each and every day is one of the very first things my fat loss clients focus on

5. Make sure at least a third of your calories come from fat-It might sound strange, but you can’t lose fat unless you eat fat

6. Hire an expert-Fitness professionals are experts at blasting fat off of their clients as fast as possible

7. Get plenty of sleep-A full night’s sleep every night will fast-track you on your path of looking great naked

You’ve got all of the tools you need, now get started!!! for more info log on to..mydailymovement.com


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