If you are a REAL Kanye West fan, you know that he was a basketball player in his past life. From his many on-the-court references, to his Jordan drops, Kanye mentions “ballin” (in the athletic respect), in too many of his rhymes not to notice. To celebrate and adorn this exclusive to artwork by @technodrome1, here are a few of our favorite Yeezy basketball references…

RhymeFest Ft. Kanye West – “Brand New”

The survey says — by the streets according

Kanye’s just important as Michael Jordan

Was to the NBA when he was scorin’

Kanye West – “Power Remix”

I’m ’bout to hit that Jeff Gordon

Michael Jordan, the only one more important

But I be feelin’ like Jordan when I’m recordin’

‘Cause every time I record, I duck to slap the boards

Kanye West – “See me now”

The World of rollies and everyone families

Stay Jordan Fresh suits and Ferrari’s

Cute your shorty watch Barney, we at the barney’s

Kanye West – “Last Call”

I be doin like, just beats for local acts

just to try to keep the lights on, and then to go out and buy

get a Pelle Pelle off lay-away, get some Jordans or something

or get a TechnoMarine, that’s what we wore back then

Kanye West – “Gorgeous”

Penitentiary chances, the devil dances

and eventually answers to the call of Autumn

all of them fallin’ for the love of ballin’

got caught with 30 rocks, the cop look like Alec Baldwin

Kanye West – “This way”

My white girl wanna move back to Michigan

I’m pullin girls off the bench like a 6 man

I wanna a good girl she want a gentleman

we sayin’ the same thing like a synonym

I wasn’t really spittin game I was scrimmaging

Kanye West – “New God Flow”

Hold up, I ain’t tryna stunt man

But the Yeezy’s jumped over the jumpman

Kanye West – “Mercy”

“Now everybody is movin’ they body

Don’t sell me apartment, I’ll move in the lobby

Niggas is loiterin’ just to feel important

You gon’ see lawyers and n***as in Jordans

Kanye West – “Make’m Say”

And I heard em say, nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today

From the Chi, like Tim it’s a harda way.

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