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The commute from one part of town to the next can often become a memorable experience. Have you ever traveled through one part of Cincinnati and noticed the same companies you frequent look the same, but further south their Marquee’s display something different? During the “Russ Parr Morning Show” they mentioned they too have witnessed the switch. Peep the list below and let us know below if you’ve noticed these very same spots in your hood.

Russ Parr Morning Show’s list of businesses that have fake me out names-

  1. Jeffy Lube
  2. Mal-Wart
  3. Rock Blusters
  4. Bed Bath and Beyonce
  5. Dairy King
  6. Foot Rockers
  7. Filet-A-Chick
  8. McDowells
  9. Hotters
  10. Dunkin Donut Holes

Your thoughts?

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