Some members of the Black race seem to be shooting our culture, in slow, incremental steps, into the most humid annals of hell!

Albert Roundtree, Jr‘s (pictured) video, “Booty Pop“, is the most recent example of that quantum step into the bowels of Black debauchery that should force any self-respecting Black-American to stop in their tracks and consider how long will we allow the entertainment industry to pimp the dignity out of our race.

Jessica Luitjohan, a St. Louis child psychologist, believes the blame should be pointed at the adults that express these ideas, that later get picked up by children. She told a local tv station,

We’re seeing 10-year olds pregnant and six-year olds with eating disorders. I mean there’s no way these thoughts and phrases came from a six-year old’s mind. Those things don’t come from natural instincts. Those come from messages they’re learning in the world.

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