Growing up there wasn’t a moment while watching Michael Jackson where I wasn’t in awe. I did not believe he was human. I thought he was magical, for he seemed to be impossibly extraordinary at his craft.

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Aside from his difficult personal life, Michael seemed to have everything; so many admire and respect him for what he’s contributed to the world just by his presence. There will never be another like him. He defined himself apart from the rest decades ago. Now, as the anniversary of his death nears we remember. R.I.P. to the greatest entertainer that ever lived: Michael Joseph Jackson.

Dirty Diana is seductive, mysterious, and “bad” (befitting the title of the album it comes from). I about 5 when I first heard this song, but I remember being captivated by guitar and the rock beat behind Michael emphatic vocals even then. The video lent to his awesomeness as he performed live to a pack crowd screaming at his every move. On Youtube it’s been viewed nearly 6 million times. View & listen to one of Michael’s biggest hits:

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