Well he getting into fight in the club beefing with other artist so he half way there. Lol. What do you think??

Having made enough believers out of the chart-topping track, he decided to keep it coming. “I didn’t sing on the record at all. It just was a rap song,” Brown told us when he visited the MTV Newsroom last week, incidentally, hours before he found himself at the center of a bottle brawl with rapper Drake. “So I was like, ‘Cool, if they going with it, I’m gonna keep going.’ ” Freestyles followed as Chris shored up his rap cred. And on the upcoming Fortune, he put the growth on display, teaming up again with F.A.M.E. collaborators Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa for the drum-laced “Till I Die.” But Team Breezy shouldn’t worry that Chris plans to quit crooning. Though he has the full blessing of his (initially reluctant) management team to craft sweet 16s, he’s just having a good time. “With the hip-hop and the rapping, it’s more of — I wouldn’t say [a] hobby — it’s just me expressing myself. “I’m not going to sit here and say I’m the best rapper or I’m a rapper,” he added with a big smile. “I’m just saying I could do it, I guess, if y’all like it.” (MTV)

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