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When it comes to me, the majority of my life I have devoted to music and the love of Hip Hop. I follow this movement on a day to day basis. I have to admit though somethings in Hip Hop stress me out and make me lose faith in it. Below are 10 highly anticipated Hip Hop moments that will probably never happen.

1:Dr Dre Detox album

2: Beefing Rappers Shooting A Fair One Live On Camera

3: Outkast dropping another album together

4: Goodie Mob Reunion album living up to the hype

5:People caring about 50 cent like they used to

6: Lil Wayne and ( add artist name here ) dropping an album together

7: Learning the truth behind Tupac and Biggie Murders

8: Another Hip Hop album going diamond

9: Rappers having a battle live on camera

10: An official Nicki Minaj S*x tape


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