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Editorial by Minista Paul Scott May

As we head full steam into a heated political season, most ethics and special interest groups are getting their lists of demands ready to put in front of candidates who are, aggressively, courting their votes. However for the Black community, there is no courtship. Just a sip of a cheap malt liquor, a one night stand, and a promise that “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

For politicians, less affluent African Americans are a cheap date or the political equivalent of a late night booty call. We, enthusiastically, give up the goods with no strings attached.

Although, you are allowed to diss the Democratic and the Republican candidates unmercifully, there is an unwritten law in this country that says that under no circumstances are you ever, ever allowed to pose the simple question…

“Why should I vote for either one of you losers?”

I don’t know about you, but nothing ticks me off more than some old Civil Rights-type person lecturing me about how “my ancestors died for my right to vote.”

I’m like, “Back up off me homie, you don’t know me like that, and I haven’t seen you at one family reunion!” My kin folks didn’t die for the right to vote. They died trying to get free by any means necessary.

This year, some Black leaders have a new slogan, “Vote… because Trayvon Martin would have wanted it that way…” How many of these opportunists who are using Trayvon Martin as a political pawn when he’s dead would have even given him (or his peers) the time of day when he when he was alive? How many Black commentators who have sampled the infamous 911 call for a “get out to vote” remix use their air time to politically educate the boys in the hoodies?

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