Horoscopes April 24th – April 27th.

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Your birthday month officially begins, and it’s the perfect time of year for you to step out and bask in the spotlight! Taurus is an earthy and practical energy, concerned with comfort and material possessions. That’s not to say you are materialistic (though most of you do have expensive tastes!), it’s just that you value luxurious items, rich foods and quality people! Your symbol is the Bull, which also makes you terribly stubborn. But you redeem yourself with your sensuality and rugged charm. I’ve never met a Taurus woman that I didn’t admire, or a Taurus man that I didn’t lust after…errr…I mean like! I hope you enjoy these next few weeks. As for your Zodiac brother and sisters, check your sign below to find out what’s in store under the Taurus Sun.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were aligned in the signs of the Zodiac, and not just the Sun. For a more in depth and personal Astrology reading, email your Tracey at

Aries: Where do you stand, Aries? What is your worth and how much do others value your skills and talents? These are some of the questions you will have to ask and answer over the next few weeks as the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus. We all know that Aries is the initiator of the Zodiac. But what good is it to blaze new trails when you’re not being properly compensated for your efforts. BTW, this also holds true in your most intimate relationships.

Taurus: Sound the trumpets! Raise the flag! Will the real Taurus please stand up? This is your month, my friends. The Sun shines bright in your sign (as well as a fresh New Moon on Saturday, April 21st). The energy is yours for the taking, and you’ve got universal support to go out and make the world your oyster! The next few weeks will feel like a major ego boost with regards to your conscious ways of living and being. You’d be wise to take advantage of the current cosmic climate.

Gemini: All month long, you will need to pay attention to your dreams, Gemini. I know that such inner reflection is simply boring and non-stimulating. But the purpose is for you to become more aware of all that goes on beneath your surface. The Sun in the sign of Taurus will unearth some of the unconscious muck you’ve repressed over the last year, and bring about a much needed release. Take this time to chill out. By next month, your b-day month, you’ll be back to your old self again!

Cancer:  Talk about double booking, Cancer! Your social life is about to pick up; soon you’ll be out and about, cruisin’ and schmoozin’ like nobody’s business! This is usually a fun time of year for you, as you connect with your friends, old and new. To reap the most benefit from the energy above, try to expand your circle by joining new groups and aligning yourself with orgs that match your attitude and style. The Taurus Sun also suggests that you plan ahead for future hopes and wishes.

Leo: I hope you’re ready for all the public recognition that’s about to come your way, Leo! As the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus, the spotlight is on your professional status. The energy above will get things moving on the career front. But the reward will require a few laborious hours of real productivity. That’s ok, Leo. If anyone can handle it – you can! Just remember that the work you do will be showcased for all to see; procrastination on your part simply won’t do.

Virgo: The Sun in Taurus will have you pondering all the things that could be, dear Virgo. Wanderlust will become somewhat of a distraction for you, so go ahead and indulge. You may decide to embark on an adventurous journey to a foreign land, or even begin to study a foreign language. The energy above may also inspire your sense of spirituality and personal faith. All that manifests now will expand your life in some way, shape or form. Allow yourself to be enlightened.

Libra: At this time, you may feel an intense desire to deepen an existing sexual tie while the Sun is moving through the sign of Taurus. If this is not the case, then you may be considering a joint venture of sorts. Either way, shared resources will be highlighted over the coming month, whether you’re in bed together or building a business together. No matter what comes to light, you will be more conscious in your attitude toward any dual connections.


Taurus is your opposite sign in Astrology, and our opposite sign always represents the other people in our lives. “Other people” could be anyone – colleagues, roommates, accountants. But symbolically, our opposite sign speaks of significant others, i.e., partner or spouse. The Sun gives us natural energy, and I suspect your personal relationships will receive a natural boost over the next few weeks. Single Scorpios can also expect to meet a few new gentleman/lady callers!


Health and well being are your top priorities as the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus. Your focus will be on fitness and exercise, as well as the creation of practical living routines. Your goal is to make better use of your time, gaining a firmer grip on your day-to-day (which can be difficult for the easy breezy Sagittarius). You’ll appreciate the results of your efforts by next month, when the Sun moves to an area in the sky that will heighten activities on the relationship front!

Capricorn: A little romance through artistic expression doesn’t sound so bad, does it Capricorn? I hope not, because that’s what you can expect while the Sun is in the sign of Taurus. This will be a pleasing time for you in general, where you’ll find yourself spending it with children, participating in creative activities, and flirting to your heart’s content with a significant other. A lightened load and sunnier days will make it easier for you to enjoy this special month ahead!


While the Sun is in the sign of Taurus, your home life will be in the spotlight. Whether you’re moving, preparing for spring break with your kids, or making room for a new family addition, the next month will see increased activity on the domestic front. The Sun gives us natural energy, and my guess is that you will enjoy the added family fun. Just be sure not to overdo it; your relatives will have to chip in if they intend to keep you busy with favors and requests.


The next few weeks bring about increased communication while the Sun moves through the sign of Taurus. This month will be jam packed with short trips, neighborhood events and interactions with siblings and close relatives. The busy period won’t be completely overwhelming, but you will have to pace yourself as you cannot be everywhere at once. Don’t forget to make room for you, Pisces. You will definitely need to schedule in some time to daydream!

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