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The holidays are upon us once again…which means it’s time for the office holiday party! The workplace can sometimes be stressful but the holiday party can be the event to alleviate those tensions we commonly harbor between co-workers and management. First things first: Accept the invite and most-importantly, attend! Secondly, abide by these 10 HB “Do’s & Don’ts.”

10. Do not bring the attitude you may have had with your boss during the work day to the party. No one wants to be around a sour-puss and parties are supposed to be fun!

9. Do intend on having a good time. Train yourself to see the positive in situations and allow yourself to have the fun you deserve.

8. Do not be the person on the food line for seconds before everyone else is fed! We get it, you worked all day, you are hungry but don’t be impatient or greedy.

7. Do arrive on time, most office parties do not carry over into the wee-hours of the night. Get in and get out if you must.

6. Do not break out your best choreographed dance moves, you will be talked about the next day! If you practiced your best dutty-wine in the mirror before you left then you are doing TOO MUCH!

5. Do mingle with co-workers more than you would on the regular. In other words, be friendly! It is OK to smile and converse more than you would by the water cooler. Go ahead be cordial.

4. Do not flirt with your co-workers, no matter how harmless it is! Do not mistake this with mingling–one is safe and the other is harmful to your career. There will most-likely be drinks present so do not embarrass yourself by being the “drunk chick” who seems easy.

3. Do not bring anyone other than your significant other (lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, date) to the festivities. Your friends are not welcome and neither is your side piece especially if your co-workers know you are married!

2. Do dress accordingly! A ball gown is overkill (depending on the venue) but sweatpants are a big no-no! Attire should be decided based on your workplace environment.

1. Do not “Blame it on the Goose” and get loose, this is the company party not a Jamie Foxx music video. You are not a video girl working her way through college. A Happy Holiday: 5 Holidays Stressors And How To Deal

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