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There are various parenting styles out there, and as the world becomes highly technological our children become wrapped up in the culture of cyber space. Social media has taken hold of the way our kids communicate, making it a platform for them to vent (in some ways their online diaries). A recent southern teenager named Hannah took to Facebook to express her frustrations at home. She had “blocked” her parents from seeing her wall thinking she was safe to say whatever was on her mind. Wrong! Her father Tommy Jordan happens to work in the IT industry so he was able to access her Facebook page. What he found deeply disturbed him; in fact he was so upset he recorded a video message to his daughter and parents all around the world. In it he promised to punish his daughter extensively and he then fired rounds into her computer with his gun! Because of the verbal content we could not post the video on our site. Follow the link below if you wish to view it:


What is your take on how this father handled the situation? Are you a parent? What would you have done? Share your comments and opinions below or on our Facebook fan page 101.1 Wiz Nation!


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