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The “system” has been blamed for dropping the ball for a lot of needy, at-risk families.  In a lot of cases, their disorganized bureaucracy has cost children their lives and shattered families forever.  But, in this particular case it appears that the system may have been somewhat exhausted.

According to several news sources in Tampa, Florida, Angel Adams, 36, is homeless after being evicted from an apartment with 12 of her 15 children.  Three of her children are old enough to support themselves and the rest of the children’s ages range from 11 years old to six months old.  Adams has 10 of her children with her fiance’ Gary Brown, Sr., and said that after he was arrested and social services got in her life everything went wrong.

After reporters investigated through the department of Children and Families what type of assistance they had been offering Adams, they found that she had her rent paid and her apartment furnished.  Adams felt that wasn’t enough.  She turned to news camera during one report and said:

“Somebody needs to pay for alllllllllllll my children! And my and Gary, and all our suffering and our pain!  Somebody needs to be held accountable! Somebody needs to pay!”

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