Kanye Needs A Hug: Says Wayne Is Number 1, Refers To Himself In Third Person & Calls Out Sway

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10 Greatest Yeezy Quotes of all time!!!

10 Greatest Yeezy Quotes of all time!!!

Lately, Kanye West‘s twin–the depressed rapper inside of him, who seeks to spread gloom upon the universe– has been bursting at the seams, leaving Yeezy scratching at the walls of his soul. It’s almost like Kanye is two different people. At times, he is likable and humble, like when he called Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” clip the “greatest video of all time.” Sure he had just snatched the mic from Taylor Swift and ruined the 17-year-old’s MTV VMA moment, but we’ll blame that on the devil’s juice–Hennessey. READ MORE

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