Cold weather is here! 20 Tips for the Best Sex!

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    The Cold Weather is here! Nothing like cuddling up so why not work on your sex tips for more fun/pleasure.

    20 Tips for having the best sex ever!

    1. You’re entitled to fabulous sex-follow each other lead with no worries!

    2. It doesn’t add up-as long as you protect yourself avoid the embarrassment of how many people you been with.

     3. Make a date-scheduling sex is not fun but sometimes its necessarily to make it special. 

    4. Normal? Forget about it! When it comes to sex, do whatever floats your boat (in a safe way)

    5. Porn positions are for the pros-don’t worry about doing porn positions if you can’t! If you can go for it

    6. Lube up.

    7. Get squeaky clean.

    8. Go fish-fish oils boost the testosterone in your body – yes, women have this hormone too

    9. Trade pleasure for pain

    10. Meds can turn you off-if you are not feeling frisky, talk to your doctor about certain meds you are on thats hindering your sex drive.

    11. Know thyself.

    12. Give him instructions.

    13. Cultivate a rich fantasy life.

    14. Create a sexy space

    15. Get some comic relief.

    16. Birth control that’s controllable

    17. Don’t curb your enthusiasm

    18. Catch some zzz’s.

    19. Get fit down there.

    20. Take a Pilates class.

    So how adventurous are you??? for more detailed info log on to


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